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Life's about the Journey

Learn and be inspired, see what works and what doesn't when planning a road trip.

If you only focus on your destination you'll end up missing the most important part of the trip. Experience and explore, don't set out to make great time but set out to have a great time. 

Project Update

Research, more research and a small dose of commonsense can save you a bit of pain.

"It's also really hot in August, not just 'Wow it's hot out here!' but more like,  'Did you see that squirrel spontaneously-combust?' hot."

After doing a few minutes of research about what kind of weather conditions to expect in the South West around early August I discovered that the region does have a rain/monsoon season, though it may not always be wet it will be windy. The season(s) throughout the area runs from June to August; since we're covering a lot of road on this trip (2,000 miles plus one way) we have to deal with several regions' unique annual conditions. More over, it's also really hot in August, not "Wow it's hot out here!" but more like,  "Did you see that squirrel spontaneously-combust?" hot. "Oh but its a dry heat", kiss my ass, 100°+ is hot.

Seeing as this trip is as much about my photography as it is my love of the road and travel, the idea of battling these conditions at their worst isn't ideal. As such, we've decided to move the trip back to September, we still need to hammer out a solid date, route, points of interest, accommodations, what car to take, ect... It's early, we'll get it set-up before we have to pack and you all get to come allow for the ride.


Knowing my past with getting things ready for a project we'll probably have everything ironed out by the time we hit Arizona. 

The Project is a Go!

The trip is on! 

This August we'll be hitting the mother road, Rt. 66. The planning is still in the early phase but I'm going to be putting out quite a bit of content this Spring and Summer getting everything ready for the trip, so stay tuned!

Once I start putting out regular content I'm going to need help from everyone to help spread the word so remember to comment and share on the stuff you like.

All quiet on the eastern front...

I apologize for the lack of updates for anyone who might have started following the page. Initially the idea was to have a weekly update with the possibility of shorts dropped in between but things in my real life have progressed and taken my energy away from the project.

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